Scented Sojourns

Let the gentle flicker and evocative aromas transform any space into a sanctuary of passion and connection.

Nature's Aroma

Pure Elegance

Indulgent, Romantic Essence

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An exclusive collection of six, blends the distinct essences of Asia into a harmonious array of aromas. Created with luxurious soy wax for a healthier, more enjoyable release, this elegantly designed set pays homage to the unique allure of Asia, providing a pristine and lavish sensory indulgence.

Nomadic Whisper

A scent that mirrors the boundless grasslands and the wandering spirit of Mongolia's nomadic culture, like a whisper carried across the open steppes.

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Siamese Serenade

Captures the vibrant heart of Thailand, evoking the enchanting rhythms and vivid colors of its rich cultural tapestry. [read more]

Saigon Sunrise

Encapsulates the invigorating warmth and dynamic energy of Vietnam at dawn, reflecting the vibrant renewal of Saigon’s early hours. [read more]

Ottoman Odyssey

An olfactory journey through the historic grandeur of Istanbul, blending scents that reflect its rich, diverse cultural heritage and intricate history. [read more]

Himalayan Harmony

Inspired by the serene spirituality and untouched beauty of Bhutan, nestled in the Himalayas, this scent brings a harmonious balance reminiscent of a tranquil mountain retreat. [read more]

Zen’s Breeze

Enhance the ambiance of your intimate moments with our luxury scented candle, designed to kindle romance. The gentle and refreshing essence of Japan, akin to a breeze drifting through blooming Zen gardens. [read more]

Our Collection

Each Scented Sojourn candle is more than a source of light; it's a journey into the heart of artistry and aroma, crafted to awaken your senses and stir your soul. Discover a candle that not only matches but also celebrates your unique essence, inviting you to immerse in a world of sensory delight. Choose from our exclusive collection, each piece resonating with your spirit, transforming your space into a haven of romance and exploration.

Scented Sojourns

Ignite Romantic Exploration



Sojourns Sextet

A Symphony of Asian Aromas



Mystic Melodies

Transform Spaces, Elevate Moments



Traditional Treasures

Where Spirit Meets Splendor



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The Benefits

Discover the unique benefits of our Scented Sojourns candles, each meticulously crafted to enhance your living spaces and elevate your sensory experiences. Infused with a symphony of natural essential oils, our candles not only fill your room with enchanting aromas but also offer therapeutic properties that soothe the mind and spirit. Ideal for creating a warm, inviting ambiance, these candles are perfect for moments of relaxation, meditation, or intimate gatherings. Embrace a world of aromatic luxury and let each candle take you on a sensory journey like no other.

Romantic Enhancer

Each Scented Sojourns candle, with its unique blend of exotic essential oils, is crafted to transform your space into a haven of romance and closeness, fostering deeper connections and memorable moments.

A Sensory Journey

This collection takes you on an olfactory expedition from Mongolia's grasslands to Japan's serene landscapes. Each scent is a sensory passport, offering a vivid experience of Asia's diverse and rich cultural tapestry.

Awakening of the Senses

Experience the vibrant energy of Vietnam's "Saigon Sunrise" or the spiritual tranquility of Bhutan's "Himalayan Harmony." Each candle is a gateway to awakening and engaging your senses in new and exciting ways.

Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in the intricate historical narratives and cultural richness of Asia. Scents like "Ottoman Odyssey" and "Siamese Serenade" encapsulate the essence of their origins, bringing a piece of their history and heritage to your home.

Luxurious and Eco-Friendly

The Scented Sojourns collection, made with luxurious soy wax, ensures a healthier and more enjoyable aromatic experience. This commitment to quality and sustainability offers you a guilt-free indulgence.

Holistic Well-being

The fine balance of essential oils in each candle, like the serene "Zen’s Breeze" or the earthy "Nomadic Whisper," promotes a sense of well-being and harmony, making them perfect for meditation, relaxation, or simply unwinding after a long day.

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Our Scented Oils

Delve into the essence of enchantment with our collection, where each essential oil is a key to a world of romance and sensory delight. Discover scents that whisper tales of love and adventure, inviting you to a journey of the senses. Let each fragrance be your guide through pathways of passion and mystique, weaving stories of connection and dreamlike wonder.

Cedarwood Essentials

Known for its warm, woody scent, Cedarwood promotes a sense of grounding and comfort, fostering an environment of trust and intimacy.

Chamomile Essentials

With its calming and soothing properties, Chamomile's gentle floral aroma nurtures a peaceful atmosphere, allowing for deeper emotional connections.

Coconut Fragrance Oil

This tropical scent evokes a playful, and enticingly exotic ambiance, perfect for adventurous, spirited, vibrant, and deeply sensual explorations.

Earthy Peat Fragrance Oil

Its deep, rich earthy tones ground and connect you to nature, enhancing sensual experiences and mutual discovery.

Eucalyptus Essentials

Refreshing and invigorating, Eucalyptus oil stimulates the senses, encouraging a lively and energetic romantic experience.

Frankincense Essentials

Its mystical, balsamic aroma deepens emotional connections and enhances sensuality, perfect for intimate and soulful encounters.

Ginger Essentials

Spicy and invigoratingly warming, Ginger oil ignites fiery passion and intense desire, stimulating a bold sense of adventurous, spontaneous romance.

Green Tea Fragrance Oil

Its light, fresh aroma invigorates the mind, fostering an environment ripe with clarity, focused concentration, and open-hearted exploration.

Himalayan Juniper Oil

This crisp, coniferous scent promotes a sense of purification and clarity, setting the stage for honest and deep emotional intimacy.

Hinoki Wood Essentials

With its unique, calming woody scent, Hinoki oil encourages deep relaxation and a warm sense of comfort, ideal for nurturing serene intimate connections.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Essentials

This delicately sweet and enchanting floral aroma inspires deep romance and tender affection, significantly enhancing the beauty of lovingly shared moments.

Jasmine Essentials

Known as the 'King of Oils', Jasmine's intoxicating, alluring scent richly deepens emotional bonds and awakens passionate, fervent, and profoundly intense desires.

Kaffir Lime Essentials

The zesty and refreshingly vibrant aroma stimulates a joyful, invigorating, and energetic atmosphere, perfect for playful and memorable romantic encounters.

Lavender Essentials

Its universally beloved, soothing floral scent relaxes the mind, creating a peaceful setting for intimate connections and tender moments.

Lemongrass Essentials

With its lively and refreshing aroma, Lemongrass oil invigorates the senses, sparking creativity and spontaneity in romantic explorations.

Mediterranean Sea Breeze Fragrance Oil

Evokes the freshness of the sea, encouraging a sense of freedom and openness in romantic adventures.

Moss Fragrance Oil

Its earthy, fresh aroma brings a sense of grounding and renewal, perfect for rekindling deep connections and passions.

Orange Blossom Essentials

The sweet, floral scent is uplifting and joyous, fostering a loving, tender, and warm romantic atmosphere, brimming with affection and harmony.

Peppermint Essentials

Its cool, invigorating scent awakens the senses, bringing a refreshing and energetic dimension to romantic encounters.

Sandalwood Essentials

This rich, creamy aroma is deeply grounding, enhancing intimate moments with its exotic and sensual undertones.

Spices Bazaar Essentials Blend

A stimulating, captivating mix of exotic spices that fires up the senses, encouraging passionate, intense, and adventurous intimacy, full of ardor and excitement.

Thai Basil Essentials

Its spicy, sweet aroma inspires a sense of exotic discovery and invigorates the spirit for romantic exploration.

Turkish Coffee Essentials

The robust, invigorating scent stimulates the mind and body, perfect for passionate and energetic romantic engagements.

Turkish Rose Essentials

This quintessentially romantic, enchanting scent is deeply floral, alluring, and sensual, enhancing profound feelings of love, desire, and passion.

Vetiver Essentials

Known for its powerful grounding properties, its deep, rich, smoky aroma creates a profound sense of depth and strong emotional connection, ideal for serene intimate moments.

Vietnamese Basil Essentials

Its unique, spicy aroma energizes and stimulates, encouraging an adventurous and passionate romantic experience.

Yuzu Essentials

The bright, citrusy aroma uplifts and refreshes, bringing a light-hearted and joyful energy to romantic explorations.


Each Flame Ignites New Beginnings

Discover the enchanting world of Scented Sojourns, a luxurious candle line designed to transform any space into a sanctuary of romance and connection. Infused with exotic essential oils, our candles are crafted to elevate moments of love and closeness.

Traditional Treasures

Each candle from our collection is more than just a fragrance; it’s a personal statement. Experience the luxury of handcrafted scents, designed to create an atmosphere that is uniquely yours. It’s not just about filling a room with aroma; it’s about evoking emotions, memories, and sensations.

Mystic Melodies

Our collections are not just candles; they are daily companions in your journey of relaxation and mindfulness. Whether it's unwinding after a busy day or setting the mood for meditation, these candles are designed to enhance every moment of your day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about our products? Find answers to common questions here. For additional queries, feel free to reach out at

What are Scented Sojourns Candles?

Scented Sojourns are luxury candles infused with exotic essential oils, designed to transform any space into a sanctuary of romance and connection, elevating moments of love and closeness.

What Makes Our Candles Special?

Our candles, meticulously crafted from premium, eco-friendly materials, offer a unique blend of fragrances to create a soothing, luxurious, transformative, and deeply immersive atmosphere in your home.

How Long Do Our Candles Last?

Each candle is designed to provide a long-lasting fragrance. The burn time varies by size, but you can expect a consistently high-quality experience throughout the life of the candle.

Are Our Candles Eco-Friendly?

Yes, sustainability is fundamentally at our core. Our candles are made with eco-friendly wax and wicks, ensuring a consistently clean burn, reduced smoke, and minimal environmental impact.

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Scented Sojourns

8 oz Vessel with Coconut Blended Wax

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Discover the charm of our 8 oz Scented Sojourns candle. Crafted with natural waxes and housed in an elegant glass vessel, this candle exudes a captivating aroma that transforms any room into a tranquil sanctuary. It's an ideal choice for enhancing the ambiance and creating a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere in your home.

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