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East West Connect LLC

Therapeutic Trade, Enhancing Healthy Connections

East West Connect operates as our hub for therapeutic trade, aiming to enhance healthy connections globally. The company specializes in bridging cultural and commercial gaps, offering unique works of art that promotes wellbeing and multicultural awareness.


East Meets West

Crafting a Global Aesthetic

Online retailers offering a premier destination for those passionate about interior design. We specialize in seamlessly blending antiques and collectibles from diverse cultures, creating a unique and aesthetically rich experience. Our carefully curated selection of art not only elevates interior spaces but also brings a sense of global elegance and historical depth. We are dedicated to sourcing items that celebrate the diverse tapestry of global artistry, enhancing the beauty of interiors while reflecting the richness of the world's artistic heritage.

Scented Sojourns

Each Flame Ignites New Beginnings

Candles and scents for romantic and intimate exploration.

Mystic Melodies

Transform Spaces, Elevate Moments

Scented candles for romantic spaces.

Traditional Treasures

Where Spirit Meets Splendor

Handmade jewelry reflecting cultural heritage.



Specializing in Health and Wellness

VitalBliss, a dedicated division of our company, excels in the export of health and wellness products, emphasizing natural ingredients. Our commitment is to enhance well-being through a range of carefully selected items, each embodying our belief in the power of nature to promote health.

  • Sheer White!® Tooth Whitening
    Smile Bright, Live Light!
    Brightening dental solution.

  • Herbal Toothpaste
    Natural Cleansing That Invigorates
    Natural, herbal oral care.

  • Black Seed Oil
    Nature's Essence, Health's Promise
    Natural supplement for wellness.

  • Berberine Supplements
    Balance Blood Sugar Naturally
    Natural blood sugar balance.

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